High Quality Odor Eliminator Systems


In certain demanding applications, carbon adsorption alone may not be the best technology choice. Carbon has the advantage of being capable of nearly 100% removal, however, it is a sacrificial technology. Under conditions such as high hydrogen sulfide concentration or significant ammonia concentration, carbon by itself will quickly become spent.

We have extensive experience integrating technologies such as Bio filtration and/or Wet Scrubbers with our carbon filters. By employing different technologies in a series configuration, it is possible to obtain a level of synergy where you get the best of each technology without the limitations of any single stand alone technology.

For example:

The system pictured above combines a wet scrubber, bio filter and carbon filter in a series configuration. First, the wet scrubber removes ammonia down to low ppm levels without the use of chemicals. The bio filter removes high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide to less than 1 ppm, and the carbon filter removes the remaining ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and organic odors. The result is a complete odor control system with a performance and economy unmatched by any single stand alone technology.

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