High Quality Odor Eliminator Systems


All the benefits of a chemical scrubber without the drawbacks.

Activated carbon adsorption systems result in the most complete removal of malodorous compound, however, high hydrogen sulfide loadings can challenge their cost effectiveness as compared to chemical scrubbers. For many who know them, chemical scrubbers are considered not very user friendly. Bulk chemical storage tanks, secondary containment, dangerously high chemical concentrations, calcium fouling and finicky pH and ORP measurement and control systems are some of the common drawbacks to traditional chemical scrubbers.

With ACS's new salt scrubber odor control system you can handle H2S concentrations in the hundreds of ppm without ever handling any chemicals except ordinary water softener salt pellets. The system uses a unique electrochemical process to generate the chemicals needed to capture and oxidize H2S. Concentrations of these chemicals are kept low to keep operators and the public safe. In fact all of the above listed drawbacks are eliminated with this system.

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